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HERMES Project


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HERMES is an international collaboration between six organizations in six countries, aimed at providing cognitive care. The project is supported by the EU under Framework Programme 7.

Cognitive care is achieved through an assistive technology that combines the functional skills of the older person to reduce age-related decline of cognitive capabilities and assist the user where necessary. Based on intelligent audio and visual processing and reasoning, the project results in a combination of a home-based and mobile device to support the user‘s cognitive state and prevent cognitive decline.

"There will be more older people in absolute as well as relative terms, (..), there will be fewer family carers, and there will be a smaller productive workforce to contribute to the financing (..). Accordingly, the estimated national cost of care will be rapidly increasing "
Age-related cognitive decline is part of this problem, which is the target of HERMES. HERMES addresses ageing both in terms of independent living and social participation, increasing self-efficacy, perceived control on wellbeing and thereby autonomy and quality of life.


Hermes Goals